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Moderator Controls
How are these different from using my phone's touch-tone controls during the conference call?
How do I access the online controls?
Can I use the Moderator Controls to administrate more than one call at a time?
Will I be able to activate recording using the Moderator Controls?
Can someone other than the Organizer control the conference call this way?
How do I know which participant is associated with the Caller ID shown?
Outlook Add-On
What do I need to use the Outlook Add-On?
Where do I get my dial-in number and access code?
I already have an account with InstantConference. Is this the same number you use for the Outlook Add-On?
Will this work with both my Toll and Toll-Free numbers?
What if I have multiple access codes?
Will I get the same conference information to use if I install the Outlook Add-On on multiple computers?
I have an older version of the Outlook Add-On. Do I need to uninstall the older version before installing the new one?
Conference Call Recording
How can I record my call?
In what format will the recording be sent?
Is this a "broadcast quality" recording?
For how long will the download link remain active?
What if I want to provide others with the recording?
Can I post the recording to my website?
Can I conduct a one-person recording?