Audio Conferencing

Expand Your Reach With Impeccable Clarity
A Smarter Way to Make Conference Calls

You know that fiscal responsibility is key to keeping your profitability growing, so bringing your extended teams together for strategic meetings just isn’t practical. That’s where conference calling plays a huge role. It not only empowers you with tools to efficiently conduct meetings, but it also provides a centralized, professional, user-friendly environment your participants can access worldwide.

In addition, audio conferencing is fast becoming the de facto solution for businesses seeking to "go green", minimizing their carbon footprint by reducing their need to congregate in one physical place. As an ever popular alternative for companies seeking new ways to increase overall productivity and stay mindful of their bottom line, teleconferencing definitely deserves its position as an invaluable, modern resource.

Our pricing plans include highly competitive rates for toll-free conferencing, to further enhance the success of calls with your client base as well. These plans provide you and your attendees with a 1-800 dial-in number that can be reached from within the fifty United States and Canada, allowing you to absorb the cost of callers' participation. Use of the toll-free service is a great way to show clients you care, by "picking up the tab" for their input – a courtesy that won’t go unnoticed. If you have callers from outside the United States and Canada, an alternative long distance dial-in number is provided within your "My Account" section.

It’s these types of features that materialize from our years of innovation and experience in the telecommunications industry. Our state-of-the-art conference bridges represent the pinnacle result of advanced research and decades of experience. Even with this recognized reputation for excellence in products and services, we always strive for more. Continuously developing new software and hardware technologies, we succeed in improving our customers' conferencing experience, achieving our ultimate goal: To be an essential asset that helps your business grow and productivity soar.

Secure and Private
Rapid-response Support
Service available 24/7/365
Automated email invitations/RSVP’s
Post-conference summaries
Save time and money
Convenient and reliable
Up to 150 simultaneous callers
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