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Telecommunications is what we’re all about
Still Leading the Way
Trailblazers in the conferencing industry, and undoubtably the best

iotum continues to dominate the conferencing world with innovative value-added audio and web conferencing options, allowing users to customize features as needed. Our services are utilized world-wide by companies seeking to reduce telecommunications and travel expenses, without sacrificing the high level of service offered by far more expensive competitors.

As pioneers in the conferencing field, we're constantly researching and developing new technologies and features to stay ahead of the competition, offering convenient and reliable conferencing services at very little cost. iotum also provides an attractive alternative to inferior conferencing services that are inexpensive but featureless, or built on underdeveloped conference bridging systems, as well as those that are rich in features but overpriced.

Throughout the years, our product offerings have proved instrumental in inspiring businesses to embrace the convenience

and cost-savings of teleconferencing. Our services are productive, administrative tools for gathering groups of every size quickly, and without restriction. We’re winners of a Webby Business Award, as well as many others, and are considered a “top pick’ by PC World Magazine. We invite you to learn more about all that we do by visiting iotum.