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Practical enhancements to improve your conferencing experience.

Utilize these convenient tools to maximize your conferencing experience. All are complimentary and included in your plan.
Moderator Controls
Manage your conference calls online and in “real time”
Online Moderator Controls enable you to conveniently take charge of your calls using your own computer. Our web-based interface provides each call Organizer with tools to activate conference call recording, "lock" the meeting to new callers, and mute or even disconnect individual participants.
Keep a digital record of your conference calls
Conference recording preserves your calls in mp3 format, for review by others who were unable to attend, or just to keep records for archiving purposes. Recording is a great way to distribute and review your conference call.
Outlook Add-On
Set up a new conference call as easily as sending an email
Schedule your conference calls through Outlook the same as you would any other appointment. You can access your existing database of contacts to set up calls and send out call information to your participants.