How It Works

It's not rocket science, but it wasn't build in a day either.

The following are descriptions of some basic conference call functions.
Conference Touch-Tone Reference Guide

Your telephone's touch-tone keypad is all you need to activate many conference functions. Below is a guide with available commands. Note that some actions --- such as muting the other callers or locking the room --- are privy to the call Organizer only.

How do conferencing services work?

To connect conferencing participants with one another, each party must dial in to a pre-assigned number and enter the access code provided. Everyone that calls the same number and enters the same access code will be joined together in the conference. We place no restrictions whatsoever on how callers reach us: As long as participants can dial in to a US-based long-distance number, they'll be able to enter your conference call.

Recording your conference call

To record anytime during the conference, the call Organizer can press *9, then enter the pin number at the prompt. Anyone dialing in to a recorded conference --- or already on the line once recording is activated --- will be prompted to consent to be recorded by pressing " 1 ". The Organizer can pause or resume recording by pressing *9 again. Within two hours of the call's conclusion, notification will be sent to the email address on file for the account with a link to download the recording in MP3 format, along with a dial-in number and access code to hear the conference recording over the phone.

Conference Mute Modes

Here is a brief description of the three modes: In Conversation mode, all lines are open and unmuted. In Q-and-A mode, only Organizers can be heard, but non-Organizers can unmute their phone by hitting *6. And in Presentation mode, non-Organizers are muted and have no option to unmute themselves. It's a three-position toggle in this order: Conversation => Q-and-A => Presentation (=> Conversation), and a voice prompt will alert you to the current mode each time you change the configuration.

Telephone Playback Touch-Tone Guide

This touch-tone guide is for use while listening to the Telephone Playback of a Conference Recording.