Keep a digital record of your conference calls
Don’t Miss A Thing

Record your conference calls in the industry standard MP3 format for archiving purposes, or to distribute to those who couldn't attend the meeting. Once downloaded, the recording is yours to edit or distribute without restriction. You can also listen to your conference call recording over the phone, and use your telephone's touch-tone keypad to fast-forward or rewind, or to set "bookmarks" in the recording.

Your conference call recordings are stored on our servers for thirty days, and are easily shared: Just forward the notification email with the download link, or even just the link itself; a convenient way to provide others with a permanent copy of the recording.

Recordings available within two hours of your conference call’s end time
Telephone playback for up to 150 simultaneous callers
MP3 format for flexible playback options and easier downloads
Perfect for teleseminars or training calls to review sessions quickly
Easily share recordings with others
Thirty-day access to recording download link
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